Chili Seeds 'Jalapeño Gigante'

€ 2.89

Information: Jalapeño Gigante is one of the largest jalapeños available to grow today. Jalapeño Gigante grow upto 14cm long and are typically harvested whilst still green, but can be left to mature on the plant until they develop a dark red colour.

Measuring 2500 – 5000 on the Scoville Scale, Jalapeño Gigante have a slightly milder spice than the traditional Jalapeño but produce much larger jumbo peppers which are perfect for salsa or making stuffed peppers.

Germination & Care: Germination temperature is between 22°C and 28°C (germination period: 10-20 days). Plants should be placed in a sunny, protected place with a minimum of 6 hours direct sunlight per day. Move plants outdoors only when temperatures consistently stay above 12°C.

Chili Spice Level: 2/10 (Mild/Moderate).

Quantity: 10x 'Jalapeno Gigante' Seeds.